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03 04.2019

Hungarian President Janos Ader awarded Ibragim AKDRASHEV with the Order of the “Knight's Cross” for high recognition of his achievements in the development of Hungarian-Kazakh economic and trade...

28 02.2019

NSS took part in the republican action "Kamkorlyk"

11 02.2019

On the threshold of New Year Nefestroiservice Ltd LLP celebrated its 20th anniversary in one of the restaurants of the city, gathering over 400 guests on a corporate holiday. On anniversary the...


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 “NefteStroiService Ltd”   LLP (NSS) - was founded in 1997 in the market of construction and oilfield service.

  ”NSS” company fully accepts the obligation to perform and improve the system of health, safety, environment and quality control system. Our management systems entirely comply with ISO 90001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001. Company provides regular services to customers throughout the whole project life cycle, enhanced compliance with the obligations of safety, environmental requirements and the terms of cost and supply.

   Aim of company - to perform work without incident and harmful effects on the environment, and also to bring the domestic service and construction market on competitive environment and to new development level.

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“Inzhtechservice” LLP
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"Chemimontazh" LLP
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"Kazgeoizyskaniya" LLP
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"Nura" LLP
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Security agency "Кarat Security"
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